Andrew's page

A website created in the memory of Andrew - a very special person

This site is dedicated to the memory of Andrew, a very special person, to all who knew him.
Andrew was a very kind, fun-loving boy, he was the perfect son and brother and a great friend. Andrew was always happy and he loved his life and lived every minute to the full, he spent lots of his time playing football, supporting Nottingham Forest, playing golf, tennis, swimming and playing the drums.

Sadly on 12th November, 2006, Andrew died of a very rare brain tumour, just one month before his fourteenth birthday.

Andrew first became ill in August 2005 and underwent five major operations and months of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, but unfortunately none of the treatment worked. Andrew took his illness in his stride, he was always positive, he never once complained, even though he had to endure so much, and above all, in spite of everything, he was always joking and smiling, he was so brave and courageous.

The Brain Tumour Charity Andrew Stringer Fund, has been set up to raise awareness and money for research into brain tumours, which at present is very under-funded. It is our hope that one day a cure can be found so that other children and adults can survive this devastating disease.

Any donations received will go directly towards research into brain tumours.
Thank you, Marion, Michael, Laura and Rachel Stringer.

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